News from Exhibition

I was hoping to call in to monitor progress of exhibition, but sadly the Saint Patrick’s centre is closed on Sundays.  I was only able to peer through one narrow window and see a small selection of the paintings on the wall opposite.  Congratulations Catherine McKeever – I think there was a red dot on the ducks.  Unfortunately no other news as yet.  If anybody else willing to send news from the exhibition I can post it on the blog for more distant members benefit.


Comments on: "News from Exhibition" (7)

  1. Jo Peel said:

    Called into exhibition today…..still looking good and 4 red spots!! Congrats to Catherine McKeever’s ducks, Margaret Fleck (no 16), Greg Moore (no 49) ……and David Sweet’s Hot Pot!!

    • Thanks for the update Jo. Appreciate any other folks who would like to join in the blog. Well done Betty Christie – spotted her view of Benbulben in Visual Arts Ireland magazine this week

    • kay cullen said:

      I phoned Joanne in the St Patrick Centre yesterday and apparently Catherine has sold another painting. Well done Catherine !

  2. Congrats on the show everyone….would love to see it! and nice there’s some red dots. Well done to my pal Greg…he never even mentioned it! Will try get up before it finishes 🙂 Jane

  3. Jo Peel said:

    Dropped by exhibition again today…..drinks are on Catherine McK! Red dot on ‘Growing old Gracefully’. Congratulations!

    • Well done Catherine. Good luck everyone else. Still another week to go. Any that aren’t sold could be re-exhibited in Thurles in August. Make sure you send your returns to Catherine quickly as if we have enough to hang we may take a second venue.

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