The pastel society committee have been trying to persuade PSI members  show their work on our blog.  We want the website and blog to be a place where members can showcase their most recent work for all of the other members to see, and perhaps leave comments.  We would particularly like to see paintings from our professional members to inspire the rest of us.  In addition we would love to see any recent work from any member that has been submitted for exhibition, or commissioned or sold. To get the ball rolling – we have two images.  “Tethered Red Boat” is Rosie McClelland’s latest painting in her tethered boat series.  “Barn Door” is Catherine McKeevers most recent sale from the Thurles members exhibition.


Comments on: "Recent Paintings from Members" (2)

  1. Love the swell of the water in Rosie’s and the old charm and character of the door in Catherine’s painting. Two beautiful pieces….congrats Catherine on the sale in Thurles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Couldn’t agree more – two beautiful paintings. Hopefully others will follow their lead and send pictures of paintings for others to see!!

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