Autumn Art Classes at The Hugh Lane

Art History Courses and Seminars @The Hugh Lane
Hugh Lane: Founder of a Gallery of Modern Art for Ireland (Thurs 29 Sept – Thursday 17 Nov 2011)
Avenues into Modern and Contemporary Art (Sat 8 Oct- Sat 10 March 2012)
Seminar: Art and Conflict/Post Conflict (Thurs 3 Nov 2011)
Drawing Classes and Portfolio Preparation
New Perspectives Through Drawing; Life Drawing; (Sat 8 Oct- Sat 3 Dec 2011);
Aspects of Drawing (Tues 11 Oct- Tues 29 Nov 2011);
Starting Your Portfolio (Sun 18 Sept 2011 – Sun 29 Jan 2012).
Art Workshops for Children and Teenagers
To see the exciting programme of art workshops for young people at the Hugh Lane go to
For further details:
Full details, costs and booking methods for all art classes can be found on or by downloading a copy of the Gallery’s Programme of Events (September – November 2011) on


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