Bradbury Exhibition Update

Sixteen members of the Pastel Society of Ireland have pledged work for the Bradbury Exhibition so far. Many thanks to those who have done so.

The committee have received feedback from members outlining concerns about the very high gallery commission costs of 50%.  The committee have discussed this at length and feel it must be left to individual artists to decide whether to submit work or not, although we remain hopeful that artists in the Society will support this venture which offers an opportunity to showcase their work in a succesful commercial gallery.

It must be borne in mind that the Bradbury Gallery have absorbed all of the costs or producing promotional material, they have not charged the Pastel Society for the exhibition, they will be actively trying to sell our work during the exhibition, paying their staff, rates, electricity etc. The gallery also have to absorb the 20% VAT on any sales of artwork.  Normally galleries charge artists anywhere between 35-45%  commission to artists.  We accepted a higher commission on behalf of our members given that the Gallery are having to “gamble” on successful sales.  We are hopeful that if this exhibition proves a successful venture with a commercial gallery we will be in a better position to negotiate better rates in future.

The Pastel Society Committee has agree to waive the “hanging fee” on this occassion given that there will be no costs incurred to the Society in having this exhibition.  Those who have submitted cheques already – these will be destroyed.

In order to have as many works as possible available for selection we also would now like to encourage members to submit a third work if available on the theme “Visions of Ireland and Belfast City”

Comments on: "Bradbury Exhibition Update" (2)

  1. Really disappointing that more members haven’t submitted work for this exhibition. 50% commission is not unusual for a gallery to take – especially in a prime position such as the Bradbury AND a few weeks before Christmas. I don’t have paintings in a gallery at the moment but most of those I have exhibited with in the past have taken 50%. This isn’t an arts centre, community hall or even a normal society exhibition it’s a commercial gallery with commercial rates and overheads in the centre of Belfast. As Dave says they are taking a risk and aren’t charging for invites, posters etc which many galeries have started to do (the society was charged by the Kennedy Gallery in Dublin for exhibiting a few years ago). I personally have experience this year of 2 galleries wanting a fee before they’ll consider offering exhibitions – one of which takes a 50% commission. We can’t complain that the society doesn’t find good venues then refuse to support it when it does. Within the past 12 months the society has lost two stalwart founder members in Sam and Wilson – from what I can see this committee is making a massive effort in trying to move the society forwards to maintain and raise it’s profile. Most people disappear into the ether when new committee members are needed ( and I include myself in this!) the least we can do is to support their efforts and showcase our work the best we can. So please, sort out your best pastel pieces, factor in the 50% commission and submit your work – who knows there might even be a few sales!

  2. Kay Cullen said:

    Rosie, I’m really pleased you took time to reply regarding the Bradbury Gallery Exhibition. Also it’s good to know you appreciate our PSI Committee efforts to move the Society forward in new and interesting ways.

    We have made comparisons with other galleries and discussed the matter of 50% Commission, and as you say it is very much what a City Centre Gallery would expect to receive, considering their overheads.

    I for one will definitely bring pastel paintings forward for this opportunity to have my work exhibited and encourage as many others as possible to do the same.

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