Plein Eire – new Link

We have just added a new link from our “links” page on the website to Plein Eire.  This is a free website for artists of all media who enjoy painting out in the open, as many of our members do…..

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  1. Great to see the link with Plein Eire…great site and a wonderful way to meet up with other Plein air loving artists! For all those Face Bookers…Plein Eire has a FB page too…:)

  2. Are you a plein Eire painter Jane? I have never tried it myself….

  3. Sure am David…..the plein eire site was set up by Tony Robinson and the Art in the Open Festival committee. It started out with just ourselves here in Wexford as South East Plein Air painters and with the site now there are different groups setting up around the country. Each group organises paint outs in their own localities. The site is only over a year up and running and has grown so well. Painting en plein air is not for everyone but if you do like it…it’s addictive! Great way of learning and the social end of it is so rewarding….painting can be a lonely sport! I’ve only brought out my pastels on a couple of occasions but I’m aiming to improve on that in the new year. I recommend you give it a go David….it’s completely different to painting in the studio…you learn to paint fast and to loosen up! Lol!

    • Kay Cullen said:

      Hi Jane

      I love painting en Plein Air. I grew up in the country in Co. Down and my Dad was a painter and decorator. He loved colour in nature and the environment before the Green Party were ever heard of, and engendered in us that love by encouraging us to draw when out on walks.He taught me names for every tree, bush, weed…….sorry wild flower!! we could see.

      Looking back it may have been chiefly because I was asthmatic and I needed to exercise in order to build my stamina to carry a heavy bag of books to school every day.!!

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