It’s about the photographer Annie Liebowitz’s visit to the Georgia O’Keefe museum and shows her box of homemade pastels.  Thanks to Rosie McClelland for forwarding this


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  1. i really loved this story and it shows how little importance we should place on worldly goods.

    It brought me back to my childhood when we would go to play in the garden of a deceased neighbour’s garden. When the old lady was alive we were all afraid of her as she wore a shawl, boots and black clothes from top to toe. In the summer we were tempted in by the ripe red gooseberries in her back garden.

    We would look through the small cobwebbed windowpanes and see a mystery unfold. There was the old fashioned “Crook and Chain” hanging over a cold fireplace with black pots, kettles and a teapot. One old cane chair set near the hearth had sagging cushions embroidered with baskets of flowers. The dresser shelf held a few cracked jugs and a lonely willow patterned plate and some homemade jars of jam.

    On the wall was another beautifully stitched masterpiece, embroidered in faded colours were some lines from scripture, bordered by twining roses and violets. Old Biddy as she was called had a talent no one had ever realised .Her loneliness hit me very hard recently when I drove past the old house now derelict and roofless,her little abode gaping open to the sky.

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