News from Hugh Lane Gallery

Barry Flanagan

We would like to invite you to a lecture on the artist Barry Flanagan by art historian Jo Melvin on Thursday 23rd February at 4pm, to accompany the launch of the facsimile edition of Silâns Magazine on 22nd February. The magazine Silâns founded and edited by Barry Flanagan whilst a student at St Martin’s School of Art, London was simultaneously a riposte to the prevailing formalist orthodoxies promoted by the sculptor Anthony Caro who taught at the school and the creation of a new forum for artist/poet collaborations. The magazine was distributed free and available at Better Books, Charing Cross Road. More than a bookshop, run by the poet, Bob Cobbing, it was one of the main venues in London in the 1960’s for the avant garde where discussions between artists, beatniks, poets and writers to place regularly. This lecture will explore the cultural mix from which Silâns emerged and point to ways in which its influence prevails today. This lecture is free and open to the public. Early arrival is recommended as places are limited. A small exhibition of Barry Flanagan’s work on paper accompanies the launch of Silâns.

Sleepwalkers: Possibilities – Contingencies: Walker and Walker

Sleepwalkers: Possibilities – Contingencies is an investigational programming format based on ‘exhibition making’ and a ‘project in progress’ where one’s non-specific expectations of museums can be unfolded. The Owl of Minerva is the title for Walker and Walker’s installation in gallery ten and in it they will be showing their film Mount Analogue Revisited, a reworking of Rene Daumal’s book Mount Analogue. Accompanying the film is a body of new work which addresses both the concerns of the film, the two adjoining spaces, and a response to the work of Barry Flanagan, Silâns, as seen concurrently in gallery eight

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Charlemont House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1, Ireland

T: + 353 1 222 5550 E: W:


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