Artists Beware

Just had an attempt at a scam thought I would share with you. A “Foreign” Gentleman e-mailed expressing great interest in several paintings but insisting he wanted to deal with me direct rather than through Gallery (Andrew Droolyan). We got down to discussing the payment, exchanging addresses etc where he was going to send me a moneygram before I dispatched paintings. We communicated mainly by e-mail and skype.

At the end of the coversation he announced that he was working in Benin and would need me to contact federal express on ( to get a courier to pick up the Moneygram from him and he would add the courier charges to the payment. He was quite convincing, but I told him I would be happy to wait for my Moneygram until he returned to UK. I checked the e-mail above – is not really correct for fedex. Thank God I didn’t get carried away and give credit card details…. Artists beware – particularly if you have a website


David Sweet


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  1. He tried the same with me…It was fun since I knew that something was wrong right away…I am in Canada. Hard job.

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