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July, 2012
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Dear Catherine,

You’re receiving this email because we have you listed as the President or Society Contact for your organization. If you are no longer the proper contact for our newsletters, please forward it. You can also unsubscribe through the link at the bottom of this email.
Please remind your members that they can receive newsletters directly from IAPS if they sign up for the IAPS mailing list on the web site.

List Your Society Workshops on the IAPS site
We are excited to announce a new feature on the IAPS web site, free to societies.
We’ve created a web page where pastel workshops can be listed, so that people interested in taking a workshop can quickly see what is available. You can view this page here.
If you have upcoming society-sponsored workshops, you can list them on the site at no charge. (Workshops that are not society-sponsored will cost $10 per listing.) Simply complete the form on the IAPS site and your listing will upload. Workshops can be listed up to 18 months in advance and will automatically be deleted once they begin.

Tenth Biennial Convention News
Hotel AlbuquerquePlans are well underway for the Tenth Biennial Convention. We’ve begun posting information on the IAPS Convention Blog. Please encourage your members to follow the blog for the latest news, and to attend the convention.

For Presidents Only at the 2013 Convention
We are expanding the opportunity for member society presidents to exchange information and communicate with other society presidents at the convention. Previously, we have held a “President’s Panel” session, where society presidents could discuss selected topics. However, as the number of member societies has grown, we feel we need to offer more to support them.
At the Tenth Biennial Convention, we are planning a “President’s Day” rather than a short panel, scheduled for Thursday, June 6. We plan to offer three ninety-minute sessions on specific topics for member society presidents (or other officer designated to represent the society if the president cannot attend). There will be no charge for these sessions.
We’d like your feedback as to the session subjects. Here are the three topics we propose:
How to Increase Society Membership How to Raise Money for Your Society (led by an experienced fund-raiser) How to Organize and Conduct a National Show
We’d like to hear from you as to whether you think these are appropriate subjects for the three sessions, or whether you have ideas as to other subjects. We cannot have more than three sessions, so we will go with majority opinions as to the subjects.  Please email Maggie Price with your comments.
Note: this does not replace or affect the President’s Dinner, which will be held as usual on Friday night, June 7.
Thanks for taking time to read the IAPS news! We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 convention.
Happy painting,

Maggie Price, President International Association of Pastel Societies

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