Waterfall Glen River Teelin Pastels

Waterfall, Glen River


Comments on: "Sam Mateer Prizewinner – Rosie McClelland" (3)

  1. Congratulations Rosie – well deserved. A beautiful painting

  2. Pat Burgess said:

    I agree – a worthy winner. Could we have some details and/or images from the other prizewinners? I’m sure the sponsors would appreciate recognition. What a pity this, the Annual exhibition, wasn’t even mentioned on the website until the first images appeared, with no context other than the “comment” posted, and it gave very little information. The centre was closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays -it’s a long way to go to find this out.It is a lovely venue and it was an excellent exhibition. Why are we so backward in coming forward as they say?

    • Pat Burgess said:

      The second part of the above comment would be better placed in relation to the”Images from Annual Exhibition”. as it is not directly relevant to Rosie’s excellent work. This year , as there was no official opening, details of all award winners would be welcome, as has been the case in other years, with images posted for all to see.

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